Excellence from the earth to the glass

Still today, as it used to be, the company's faith in the quality of the territory is our main pride and joy, something that gives us that little bit extra. Gianluca Bisol, managing director of the company, sums it up effectively: "We work tirelessly with passion so that Conegliano will gain the same prestige as Reims, Valdobbiadene the same charm as Epernay and Prosecco the same notoriety as Champagne".

This care we find in the vineyards where Bisol pay the maximum attention to detail to each individual wine-producing stage, from nuturing the vine to selling the wine, from the grape to the glass. The vineyards managed by the company total 177 hectares spread out over 35 plots immersed in the most prestigious area of the appellation.

The 3 hectares managed by the Bisol family on the Cartizze hill, the most precious vineyard in Italy, is their crowning glory. By means of a continuous change of generations the Bisol family keep on handing down the sceptre from father to son and dividing management responsibilities between the family members: a solid family unit continuosly reinforcing the history of the company.

The owners are the two brothers, Antonio and Eliseo, along with their respective sons, Gianluca, Desiderio, Claudio and Alberto. Claudio Bisol, production manager comments: "... the anxious wait for the arrival of the bunches of grapes in the winery, handling the fruit as if it were alive and then allowing it to pass safely into the bottles ... a cycle that repeats itself, year after year, in our company supported by immense passion and state-of-the-art technology".

In fact, as highlighted by Alberto Bisol, the adminstrative director: "We believe that it is important for us to invest heavily in the recovery of historical vineyards and in new wine-making techniques that help to make the passage from territory to wine as direct and natural as possible. At the cutting edge…. of tradition”.